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Computer Technician Certification from CyberTex

The market for Computer technician specialists is enormous. There is a substantial diversity of job options open to computer technicians simply because computers are found everywhere nowadays. Wherever a computer is found there is also hard drive crashes, issues with operating systems, and polluted files.  Professional certification is a formal classification that confirms that a person is qualified to perform certain tasks. Our program teaches computer basics, system hardware and software, troubleshooting, security techniques, networking, and operational procedures. We provide our students with unlimited access to student support and upon graduating they receive CompTIA A+ exam vouchers.

Computer technician certificate program graduates find work in a variety of organizations that are in need of maintenance and repair of computers. This encompasses a large variety of positions from computer systems technician to computer maintenance technician. Another great thing about CIT is our online courses! Don’t wait till next semester to get your classes started, apply now! As soon as training is finished, the student is nationally accredited for their chosen career path. We offer both long and short-term programs to students to accommodate both short or long-term occupational IT training.


Basically, as a computer technician, you carry out installation and maintenance as well as solving various issues people may have with their computers. All serious companies face the difficulties of properly maintaining and caring for their computer network. Often time, most people at a business don’t have the necessary knowledge to properly handle computer and accessory maintenance or issues which is why it’s beneficial for companies to keep a computer technician around.


Imagine a career option where you’ll be constantly learning new things and challenging yourself. Becoming a certified computer technician creates strong opportunities for individuals in the IT job market. The world of computers is constantly evolving so the ability to adapt is essential. At CIT we provide training to aspiring computer technicians who want to learn how to operate, troubleshoot, or repair computer hardware and software. Our program teaches computer basics, system hardware and software, and student support. Required courses introduce students to computer literacy, database management, Microsoft Office, learn linux, and computer science fundamentals. Computer specialist and management information certificate programs are also available with CyberTex.