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When high school to college is too big a leap

College isn’t for everybody.

That might seem like a shocking statement, but it’s one that I can attest to both from my experience and from what I’ve seen. A person can do well in high school, get good grades, and look like he or she is ready to go to college. But upon getting there, that same person who seems confident and ready for college can be lost to the pace, the demands, and the diverse curriculum of a university or even a community college. It can be a shock to one’s system.

Some people know what they want to do in life, and college isn’t necessarily the path to that. Take an IT career, for example. It’s possible to go the college route, major in computer science, and learn enough about information technology to find an IT job upon graduation. But along the way, there will be writing courses, math courses, and foreign language courses in order to fulfill degree requirements.

At Cybertex, there’s a singular focus in our Network Engineering program. We prepare students for certifications in six areas that are foundational for IT jobs. They are certifications that come directly from Microsoft or otherwise address IT industry standards. Students move through our program in months rather than years, and end up with certifications and practical knowledge allowing them to step directly into IT jobs.

A student who goes from high school to college can spend the second year after high school graduation taking classes that fulfill graduation requirements but won’t apply to real-world work situations. That same student, going to Cybertex’s Network Engineer program out of high school, will spend that same second year after graduation on the job market, landing a first job, and putting skills acquired in the pursuit of certification to use in that job.

If you know your future is in IT, and you’d rather spend your formative years in jobs instead of dorm rooms, Cybertex’s Network Engineer program might be what you’re seeking. Contact us today to learn about our admission process and how soon you could be getting into the job market and starting your career.