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The Advantages of Evening Classes

If you’re like most Americans—even with employment trends shifting a bit toward evening and night shifts—you work a job that starts in the morning and ends in the late afternoon. If you want to take a class to improve your situation, and pursue a field of study that really appeals to you, you have to do it in the evening. (Or you have to quit your daytime job to accommodate daytime classes, and find an evening or night job to pay your bills.)

At Cybertex Institute of Technology, we understand the realities of balancing school, which is why we offer both day and evening classes for our students. I find that many of the students who sign up for evening classes have a few traits that make them successful in our Network Engineer coursework and beyond.

The first thing I notice is that even though they’re busy people, they really want to learn. They’ve motivated to take classes when they might otherwise be spending time with their families, eating dinner, and relaxing. We design the class to be done in 37 ½ weeks, so they can get through it as soon as possible while learning all there is to learn. But when they’re here, we want them to get as much as they can out of the class, and they generally want to do that.

The other thing I notice right off the bat is that evening students like to ask questions. We usually have smaller student-to-teacher ratios in our evening classes, so students get more individual time with instructors. In smaller classes, as I like to joke, there’s “no place to hide.” In a big class on a college campus, you can possibly spend a whole semester without asking a question or being called on, but it’s hard to learn if you’re just being a spectator. But in our classes, you won’t be a spectator. You’ll learn, in a classroom where everyone’s motivating to get what they need to move toward an IT career.