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Certification: Because Technology Doesn’t Stand Still

Nearly half of Americans, according to a recent Gallup poll, upgrade their cell phones about every two years, as soon as their carriers allow them to do so. While others wait until their phones become “obsolete,” the nearly half of Americans who switch every two years are aware of the rapid changes in technology, and to them, a phone that’s two years old is obsolete.

It takes two years for a full-time student to get an associate’s degree, and four years for that same student to get a bachelor’s degrees. Some fields don’t change much in the course of two to four years. But some fields, like medicine and especially IT, change considerably over the course of a few years, thanks to where technology’s taking us.

When we think about the advantages of certification over college, we might not immediately think about how fast technology moves. But it’s one of the most important advantages certification has over college. In the IT sphere, certification is specifically geared toward students mastering new technologies, and some certification classes are even developed to help students master recently-released or even brand-new technologies.

At Cybertex Institute of Technology, we design our certification programs with changing technologies in mind. Our courses factor in the latest innovations in their respective fields, our instructors keep their courses current, and our students come out of certification programs knowing what’s going on with their chosen careers now.

By contacting Cybertex, you can determine a certification schedule that will help you determine when you’re able to start a program, and more importantly, complete one. And when you’re learning with us, you’ll be learning in a program geared toward what’s happening in your chosen field now.