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The mission of CyberTex is to provide individuals with workplace skills that qualify them for initial employment in the
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What My Former Medical Assistant Students Tell Me

CyberTex Medical Assistant

One of the things I like most about teaching in the medical assistant program at Cybertex is that the students enrolling here really want to be here. They’re not just at the program to see what it might be like—they’ve made the commitment to go from start to certification in a little more than nine months. The great majority of students who start the program complete it, and a number of them are thoughtful enough to reach out to me when they’ve landed jobs.

What they tell me, across the board, is how much their lives have changed. Some had challenges finding jobs, some were only able to find part-time or seasonal work, and others simply wanted more rewarding jobs. Through Cybertex, they found training that helped prepare them for medical assistant careers, met fellow students striving for the same thing, and worked together to pass the classes and get certified. They were determined, when they got into the program, to come out with careers. Hearing the joy and the pride in the voices of those who met those goals is why I do this.

It’s not an easy program. In 37 weeks, students learn about the anatomy and physiology of the human body, they learn phlebotomy, pharmacology, and pathophysiology, and a number of other medical assistant disciplines. Through the externship program we feature as the last part of the program, our students put their knowledge to the test with real-life patients, drawing blood, assessing vital signs, taking EKGs, and becoming a full-fledged member of a health care team.

If this sounds like a program you’re interested in, read more about it on our website. In a year, you can go from someone wondering about a medical career to someone who not only has one, but is calling me to tell me how fantastic it is!