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Security+: A key element of our Network Engineer program

It’s clear that cybersecurity is a huge area of concern for anyone who relies on a computer system. Concerns about keeping data secure were part of the most recent Presidential election, and we’re sure to hear about cybersecurity in relation to national security for years to come.

But it also impacts us on a more practical, everyday level. If you’re running a business, for example, you want to make sure that your customers’ personal and financial information, as well as your own online communication, stays secure. When you’re sending email, you have an expectation that you’re doing so on a secure system.

Our Security+ curriculum prepares our students for the challenges of making sure that a computer network stays secure, that the data that is housed on that system isn’t breached by outsiders, and that the owners of the network don’t fall prey to lost customers or even lawsuits as a result of any data breaches.

The program also teaches our students how to protect systems against internal threats. While hackers are the threat that people think of first when they think of network security, it’s also important to think about security to keep employees from breaching data or inadvertently opening the door to hackers. An employee on a network who falls prey to a phishing scam can do as much or more damage than a hacker trying to get into your system from the outside.

While a number of those who work in network security have years of experience, increased concerns about hackers and data breaches are creating opportunities for people who are new to Network Engineering.

Small businesses and solo entrepreneurs who don’t have big budgets but need data security in systems will look for network engineers with training. Network engineers who graduate with the certification package that Cybertex offers can potentially market themselves, and gather experience in the process, to offer such services.