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Network Engineering for Fort Hood personnel

Military personnel with computer in office

Killeen Campus

This article is from Matthew Zarling, director of Cybertex Institute of Technology’s Killeen campus. 

About one in four students at our Killeen campus are Fort Hood personnel. Those from Fort Hood who are in our Network Engineer program are there for one of two reasons—they’re either looking to move into a network engineering role as part of their military service, or they’re thinking about making a jump to a career in computers once they leave the military.

In both cases, soldiers are coming to us and taking the initiative to learn more about this growing field. Our admission advisors are well familiar with those who enroll from Fort Hood, and are there guide them through the enrollment process.

Students from Fort Hood find Cybertex to be a good fit because of our flexible scheduling. Our students can either take classes from 5:30 to 9:30 pm, ideal for those who work day shifts, or 9 am to 1 pm for those who work evenings or nights. The entire certification program, covering Security+, A+, MCSA, and other areas critical to network engineering, takes just nine months to complete.

When it comes time to take the certification exams from Microsoft and CompTIA, which military review boards and job recruiters will look for when candidates are applying for network engineering jobs, we make that easy as well. Students can take the certification exams right on our campus, located just five minutes from the main Fort Hood entrance.

If you’ve thought about a future in network engineering—be in for new opportunities while you’re still in uniform or after you move on to the next phase of your life—Cybertex Institute of Technology’s Killeen Campus can provide you the training you need, on your schedule.