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What an accelerated curriculum means for you

When people ask me what makes Cybertex Institute of Technology’s Network Engineering program different from other programs in Austin, I point to the accelerated curriculum. We cover a lot of ground in our nine-month program, starting with A+, Network+, Security+, and moving on to other integral certifications in the field. At other schools, programs can take students anywhere from two to four years to complete.

What that means for a student at Cybertex is that dedication is a must. We find that a number of students who come to Cybertex have already been exploring network engineering on their own before coming into our program. They might work on their PC or wireless routers at home, or might be the go-to people in their families and circle of friends when people are seeking computer help. Of course, people who don’t have extensive computer experience can come into our Network Engineering program and excel. But it does take a commitment to want to learn more about computers.

There’s one distinct advantage to the accelerated curriculum for those who can commit to nine months of dedicated study. Those students who can make that commitment will be ready for the job market in less than a year of deciding to go the Network Engineering route. Our program includes certification testing, so our graduates can show prospective employers they possess the skills those employers are looking for now.

The students that graduate from Cybertex’s Network Engineering program have the advantage of going into job interviews with information that’s fresher and more current than those who are in two- to four-year programs.

If you’re eager to enter a career in Network Engineering, and you want to get in the job market within nine months of starting our program, our Admissions department will help you get enrolled and get you moving toward a new career.