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The mission of CyberTex is to provide individuals with workplace skills that qualify them for initial employment in the
workforce and/or career advancement after employment in medical, healthcare, information technology, and business fields.


  • Congratulations to our December Killeen grads

    Cybertex Institute of Technology is proud to be part of Killeen’s community, where we opened a campus in 2008. We were honored to have a special guest at our most recent graduation ceremony this past Thursday: Killeen mayor Jose Sagarra showed support for what we’re doing at Cybertex, speaking to our graduating class. He drew from the well-known proverb, “The journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” to acknowledge ... Read More
  • When you want them to know you have skills

    If you’re looking for a broad-based education, where you learn a little about a lot of different subjects, college is the way to go. But if you know that you want to specialize in one specific area, with the goal of getting a job in that field once you complete your training, certification provides definite advantages over college. If you’re working in the IT industry, for instance, employers will first and foremost ... Read More
  • Dedicate just 20 hours a week (or more, if you want) toward your new career

    If you enroll in the medical assistant program at Cybertex Institute of Technology, you’re committing to just 20 hours a week, from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Monday through Friday. For those who work during the evening—perhaps even the second shift at a hospital in a non-medical role—it’s an ideal fit. But for those students who want to dedicate themselves to their studies, the commitment to Cybertex doesn’t have to stop at ... Read More
  • Security+: A key element of our Network Engineer program

    It’s clear that cybersecurity is a huge area of concern for anyone who relies on a computer system. Concerns about keeping data secure were part of the most recent Presidential election, and we’re sure to hear about cybersecurity in relation to national security for years to come. But it also impacts us on a more practical, everyday level. If you’re running a business, for example, you want to make sure that your ... Read More
  • Cybertex: The fast lane to a Medical Assistant career

    According to the U.S. Department of Labor, we’re in the midst of great growth with medical assistant jobs—they estimate a 23 percent increase between 2014 and 2024. And considering the coming changes in health care and all the clinical skills that medical assistants have, I think that estimate might be low! Cybertex is positioned to get students into medical assistant careers faster than other schools in the Austin area. With 740 classroom ... Read More
  • Network Engineering for Fort Hood personnel

    This article is from Matthew Zarling, direcotor of Cybertex Institute of Technology's Killeen campus.  About one in four students at our Killeen campus are Fort Hood personnel. Those from Fort Hood who are in our Network Engineer program are there for one of two reasons—they’re either looking to move into a network engineering role as part of their military service, or they’re thinking about making a jump to a career in computers ... Read More
  • You can do better!

    Cybertex Institute of Technology has launched a recent ad campaign that you have may have caught if you’ve been watching TV in Austin. The campaign revolves around four simple words, “You can do better,” and features people in some common service industry jobs looking into mirrors to see the network engineer or medical assistant they might someday become. When we say “You can do better,” we mean that you can be in ... Read More
  • What an accelerated curriculum means for you

    When people ask me what makes Cybertex Institute of Technology’s Network Engineering program different from other programs in Austin, I point to the accelerated curriculum. We cover a lot of ground in our nine-month program, starting with A+, Network+, Security+, and moving on to other integral certifications in the field. At other schools, programs can take students anywhere from two to four years to complete. What that means for a student at ... Read More